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Paris Themmen Signed Autograph Willy Wonka Inscribed Mike TeeVee Rare with COA

Paris Themmen Signed Autograph Willy Wonka Inscribed Mike TeeVee Rare with COA

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Paris Themmen Signed Autograph Willy Wonka Inscribed Mike TeeVee Rare with COA

 Cue the music and take a nostalgic dive into the whimsical world of 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory' with our rare, hand-signed poster by Paris Themmen, the original Mike TeeVee himself!

This visually stunning poster, punctuated by the vibrant, iconic imagery of the film, has been personally autographed by Themmen, adding an exclusive touch that elevates it to a must-have collectible. Moreover, Themmen has added his character’s name "Mike TeeVee" – a shout-out to his legendary role that will send every Wonka fan into a frenzy.

From our exclusive signing with Themmen, this framed piece of memorabilia transports you back to Wonka's enchanting world, a token from the past that still manages to make hearts flutter. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing the autograph's legitimacy.

We even offer a pre-purchase zoom view, giving you a close-up look at your memorabilia before you commit. And, it ships worldwide, fully insured, at no extra cost.

Displayed in a beautiful frame along with a commemorative plaque, this piece is not just a collector's item, but a slice of cinematic history. All this could be yours for just $595. Remember, in a world of pure imagination, nothing is ever ordinary 

Paris Themmen is an American actor and entrepreneur, who is best known for his role as Mike Teavee in the 1971 film "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory", a classic that continues to be cherished by generations.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 25, 1959, Themmen showed interest in acting at a young age. After landing the role in "Willy Wonka" at age 11, his portrayal of the television-obsessed Mike Teavee became one of the most iconic characters in the film. Despite the immense success of the film, Themmen did not continue his acting career into adulthood.

After stepping away from the silver screen, Themmen led a diverse and vibrant life. He attended New York University where he earned a BFA in Theater. Over the years, he’s worked in a variety of fields, including real estate, film production, business development, and even financial consulting.

His eclectic career also included a stint as a travel agent, a job that seems fitting considering Themmen's own passion for travel. A self-proclaimed adventure traveler, Themmen has journeyed to more than 60 countries and even participated in backpacking trips across several continents.

In the recent years, Themmen has made appearances in Wonka-themed conventions and events, and even participated in a "Jeopardy!" episode in 2018, where he was introduced as an "entrepreneur" and "avid backpacker".

Through his diverse professional journey, Paris Themmen illustrates that life can indeed be as magical and unpredictable as a trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. His portrayal of Mike Teavee will forever remain in the hearts of "Willy Wonka" fans, but his personal journey is equally captivating.

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