Ariel Kiley

Ariel Kiley is an American actress and writer, best known for her role as Tracee in the popular television series, The Sopranos. She was born in San Francisco and grew up in New York City. Kiley began her career in the entertainment industry as a dancer and choreographer, working with such acclaimed companies as the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the Martha Graham Dance Company.
Kiley's breakthrough role came in 2000 when she was cast as Tracee, a stripper and love interest of Ralph Cifaretto, in The Sopranos. Her portrayal of Tracee was widely praised by fans and critics alike, and she became known for her ability to bring depth and nuance to her characters.

In addition to her work on The Sopranos, Kiley has appeared in numerous other films and television shows, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and the independent film The New Twenty. She has also worked as a writer, contributing to such publications as The Huffington Post and Yoga Journal.

Kiley is also an accomplished yoga teacher and mindfulness coach. She has taught yoga in numerous locations around the world, including Bali, India, and New York City. In addition to teaching, she is a sought-after speaker and has given talks and workshops on mindfulness, meditation, and wellness.
Kiley's multi-faceted career and dedication to mindfulness and wellness have made her a respected and beloved figure in the entertainment industry and beyond. She continues to inspire and uplift others through her work and remains a popular and in-demand actress, writer, and teacher.