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Alice Cooper Signed Autographed Killer Vinyl LP With Authentication

Alice Cooper Signed Autographed Killer Vinyl LP With Authentication

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Alice Cooper Signed Autographed Killer Vinyl LP With Authentication 

Alice Cooper’s Autographed "Killer" LP - A Vintage Vibe with a Modern Twist!

For the true rock aficionado, here's your golden ticket to nostalgia. Dive deep into rock history with this autographed "Killer" LP by the legend himself, Alice Cooper. Each signature is a testament to an era of wild theatricality, audacious music, and unmatched energy.

Key Features:

  • Authentic signature: With Beckett Authentication, you're assured of its genuineness.
  • Framing options: Elevate its grandeur! Check our other listings to get inspired by our elite framing work.
  • Virtual Viewing: Not sure yet? Book a zoom session and witness the memorabilia's magnificence up-close before you commit.
  • Global reach: Complimentary fully insured shipping, making sure your piece of rock history reaches you safely, wherever you are.
  • MJB Memorabilia Touch: As a world leader in music memorabilia, we bring you not just a product but an experience.
  • Vintage Bonus: Each LP comes with its original record and cover, ensuring you get the complete retro vibe.

At just $995, own a piece of rock's rebellious past, reminding you of the wild spirit of the 70s. Because, with Alice Cooper, it's always more than just music; it's an era, a sentiment, a legacy.

 Alice Cooper's "Killer" - A Vinyl Legacy

Alice Cooper, a name that, for many, evokes images of theatrical shock rock, darkly tinted eyeliner, and a mystique that borders on the eerie. Yet, amidst the visual and auditory spectacle that is Alice Cooper, the music has always been the foundation, and in 1971, the album "Killer" became a testament to that.

Released during the golden age of vinyl, "Killer" stands out as a defining moment in Alice Cooper's discography. With its provocative album cover, showcasing a snake elegantly wrapping itself around Alice's ankle, it sets the tone for the musical journey inside.

Musically, "Killer" is a vibrant mix of hard rock, a touch of psychedelia, and the theatrical flair that Alice Cooper is famed for. Songs like "Under My Wheels" and "Be My Lover" became instant classics, reflecting the raw energy and youthful rebellion of the era. "Halo of Flies," a more experimental track on the album, showcases the band's versatility and willingness to push boundaries.

However, it's not just the music on the vinyl that made "Killer" legendary. The album's packaging itself was a piece of art. Early pressings of the vinyl came with a 1972 calendar, which showcased a noose, further enhancing the shock rock theme that Alice Cooper embraced.

Listening to "Killer" on vinyl is an experience. The crackling sound before the music starts, the warmth of the tones, and the immersive nature of vinyl playback, all contribute to a listening experience that digital formats often struggle to replicate. It’s a throwback to a time when album releases were events, when the tactile experience of holding an album, reading the liner notes, and immersing oneself in the artwork was as integral to the experience as the music itself.

For collectors and Alice Cooper enthusiasts, the "Killer" vinyl isn't just a record; it's a piece of rock history. A testament to a time when Alice Cooper wasn't just a musician, but a movement, challenging norms, pushing boundaries, and forever changing the face of rock and roll.


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