Maggie Kirkpatrick

Maggie Kirkpatrick is an Australian actress best known for her role as Joan Ferguson, a ruthless prison officer, in the popular television series "Prisoner" (known as "Cell Block H" in some countries). She was born on January 29, 1941, in Albury, New South Wales, Australia.

Kirkpatrick began her acting career in the 1960s and has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and theatrical productions. She became a household name in Australia and around the world with her portrayal of Joan Ferguson in "Prisoner," which aired from 1979 to 1986.
In addition to her work on "Prisoner," Kirkpatrick has appeared in several other popular television shows, including "The Saddle Club," "Blue Heelers," and "The Flying Doctors." She has also worked in theater, with notable roles in productions such as "Cats," "The Sound of Music," and "Wicked."
Kirkpatrick is known for her talent and versatility as an actress, as well as her dedication to her craft. She has won several awards throughout her career, including the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Drama for her work on "Prisoner."

Outside of her work in entertainment, Kirkpatrick is also an advocate for social justice issues and has been involved in various activism efforts throughout her career. She is widely respected and admired by fans and colleagues alike and continues to be an influential figure in the Australian entertainment industry.