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Henry Hill Signed Casino Golden Nugget Playing Card Authentic

Henry Hill Signed Casino Golden Nugget Playing Card Authentic

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Authentic Signed Casino Playing Card from Goodfellas' Henry Hill - Own a Piece of Mafia History

Immerse yourself in the world of organized crime with this truly unique piece of Mafia memorabilia: an authentic signed casino playing card from Goodfellas' real-life mobster, Henry Hill. This rare collectible offers a fascinating connection to Hill's life, as he not only played with these cards at the Golden Nugget casino but also personally signed them.

Product Highlights:

  • Authentic playing card used and signed by the real Goodfella, Henry Hill
  • Measures 560mm in length and 430mm in height, perfectly sized for display
  • In pristine, brand-new condition
  • Database Hologram Verification number 100021 ensures authenticity
  • Beautiful gold plaque on the frame adds a touch of elegance
  • Framed alongside Henry Hill's iconic FBI mugshot for added intrigue
  • MJB Memorabilia offers FREE worldwide shipping
  • Preview the memorabilia before purchasing via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or by calling 0477555557
  • Priced at just $995

Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a piece of Mafia history, signed by the legendary Henry Hill himself. With its captivating backstory and stunning presentation, this framed playing card is an exceptional addition to any memorabilia collection. Order now and enjoy worldwide shipping and the chance to preview your investment before purchasing.

Henry Hill: The Infamous Mobster Behind "Goodfellas"

Henry Hill, born in 1943 in New York City, was a notorious mobster associated with the Lucchese crime family. His life story inspired the best-selling book "Wiseguy" by Nicholas Pileggi, which later became the basis for Martin Scorsese's critically acclaimed film "Goodfellas." Hill's involvement in various criminal activities, his eventual cooperation with the FBI, and subsequent life in the Witness Protection Program make his story a fascinating glimpse into the world of organized crime.

Growing up in a predominantly Italian-American neighborhood in Brooklyn, Henry Hill was drawn to the allure of the mob at an early age. By the age of 12, he started working for local mobster Paul Vario, running errands and completing small tasks. Hill quickly became entrenched in the world of organized crime, engaging in various criminal activities as he gained the trust of Vario and other mobsters.

As a young adult, Hill became a key member of the Lucchese crime family, participating in numerous illegal activities such as drug trafficking, extortion, and armed robbery. One of his most notorious crimes was the 1978 Lufthansa heist at JFK Airport, in which Hill and his associates stole $5 million in cash and $1 million in jewels, making it one of the largest cash robberies in U.S. history at the time.

Hill's criminal lifestyle eventually caught up with him, and in 1980, he was arrested on drug trafficking charges. Fearing for his life due to his involvement in the Lufthansa heist, Hill decided to cooperate with the FBI and become an informant. His testimony led to the conviction of several high-ranking mobsters, including Paul Vario and Jimmy Burke. As a result, Hill entered the Witness Protection Program, where he lived under various aliases for many years.

After leaving the Witness Protection Program in the early 1990s, Hill continued to struggle with drug addiction and had numerous run-ins with the law. He eventually turned his life around, becoming a successful author, speaker, and even a restaurateur. Hill passed away in 2012, but his life story continues to captivate audiences through the book "Wiseguy" and the film "Goodfellas," serving as a cautionary tale about the dangers and allure of the mob lifestyle.

Henry Hill's life as a mobster, informant, and eventually, a reformed citizen offers a unique perspective on the world of organized crime. From his early days in the Lucchese crime family to his cooperation with the FBI, Hill's story serves as a reminder of the complex and often tragic lives led by those entangled in the underworld of the Mafia.

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