Special Event

Boutique memorabilia company MJB Memorabilia is hosting a series of Live Q and A events for fans across the world.

I am really excited to connect fans to their favourite celebrity, musician, writer, director, actor, even once the pandemic is over I will continue to run these events each month as not everyone is in a position to fly all over the world to connect with their favourite celebrity. Fans will be able to talk to the featured celebrity over Zoom and ask questions about their career. Fans will even have the chance to request signed photos or signed memorabilia all arranged by MJB Memorabilia.

I interview many celebrities in my business and when I came up with the idea I pitched it to my first featured celebrity Vincent Curatola who played Mob boss Johnny Sack on the hit HBO TV show the Sopranos, he thought it was a great idea, I then spoke to all the other celebrities that I have interviewed and they are all on board, I have an Amazing line up of very Talented and Brilliant Celebrities who are now on board.

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MJB Memorabilia is hosting an Exclusive Live Q and A with Vincent Curatola “Johnny Sack”


Vincent Curatola is an American Actor, writer, and a friend of MJB Memorabilia. Vincent has done many private signings with MJB and has also been interviewed by our owner Matt Batten. MJB Memorabilia stocks many signed items from Vincent Curatola including Framed baseball Bats, photographs, but if you have something you would like signed please email us.

Vincent is best known for his role as New York Mob Boss Johnny “Sack” Sacrimoni in HBO’s hit show The Sopranos. He appeared in 33 episodes and came on to our screens in Season 1, Episode 6 Pax Soprana, which was written by Frank Renzulli.

Vincent was born on August 16th, 1953 in New Jersey, he has appeared in many Tv shows and Movies including The Sopranos, Law and order, The Blacklist, Blue Bloods, The good Wife, Killing them softly, Monk, and many more.