About Me

Who Am I?

Hello. My name is Matt, the Director of MJB Memorabilia.

How did I Start Collecting Memorabilia?

Born in the 80s in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, I had to work three after school part-time jobs as a teenager. I started in a Milk Bar, then a newsagent and eventually a Video rental store.Along the way, I developed an interest in preserving collectible treasures intended to be thrown out in the dumpster. I guess it’s true what they say,’ one man’s meat is another man’s poison.’

My childhood bedroom eventually looked like a cross between a Milk Bar and a Video store. The moment I felt like I cared more about my collection than I did for school, I knew my passion had taken a different route. Whenever there was a new movie release, I got so excited because I knew the Video store that I worked at would supply promotional material such as posters or printed t-shirts. 

What I Collect

Some of my memorable collectibles included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, collectible cards with unopened bubble gum boxes, AFL cards, Gremlins toys, He-Man toys, Wrestling toys, and so much more.

What I Do Now

Fast forward 20 years, here I am with my very own Memorabilia Store. I like to buy and sell the items delivered daily. I am also very passionate about interviews. I interview many people, most of which are celebrities. Since I love interviewing and collecting, I decided to merge the two and voilà! MJB Memorabilia. 

You can visit our website and check the fantastic collectibles we have for you.