Tony Barber Signed Sale of the Century Fan Cards

Tony Barber Signed Sale of the Century Fan Cards

I am sure most of you know that not only I sell memorabilia, but I also represent celebrity’s. I represent Australia’s game show legend Tony Barber and wanted to share this with you all.

Who here loves nostalgia and remembers the iconic Fan Cards from the 1980s? Those were the days, right? Tony used to receive heaps of fan mail during the Sale of the Century days and he'd sign fan cards to send back to his wonderful fans. All the big channels - 9, 7, 10 - would send out signed fan cards for all their TV shows. It was a truly iconic era! 

Well, guess what? We're bringing a piece of those good old days back! I've recently recreated Tony's iconic fan card, and Tony is all set to autograph them this week. And here's the best part - we're giving these autographed cards away as a weekly prize on the "Who I Am" posts! 

Please head over to Tonys Facebook page 

Please Like, share Tony's page. We hope you're enjoying the journey so far and can't wait to share more. Let's keep the nostalgia alive!

Tony Barber Sale of the Century


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