Own a Piece of Tennis History 2016 Roger Federer Australian Open Match-Used, Signed Collection

Own a Piece of Tennis History  2016 Roger Federer Australian Open Match-Used, Signed Collection

Witness a rare opportunity to own a piece of tennis history from one of the sport's greatest players, Roger Federer. A collection of items worn and used by the Swiss maestro during his memorable appearance at the 2016 Australian Open, where he reached the semifinals, is up for grabs. Although Federer fell to the eventual champion, Novak Djokovic, his performance was as mesmerizing as ever.

This collection is like a treasure trove for tennis aficionados. First, there is a white Nike shirt with horizontal green stripes on the front, accented with blue trim. Federer's logo graces the left sleeve, and he has signed the shirt in black marker on the upper-right chest. To match, a pair of white shorts with green borders offers a perfect ensemble.

The highlight of the collection is the pair of size 12 white Nike Zoom sneakers, featuring black and bright green trim. The shoes bear Federer's logo on the outer side and the tongue of each sneaker. The maestro has lent his autograph on both the sneakers – on the toe of the right one and the heel of the left one – using a black marker.

Next in this fascinating collection is a white Nike duffle bag with green trim. Federer's logo is adorned in green on both sides, and he has signed the bag on one side in black marker. The collection is completed by a pair of white Nike socks with bright green accents.

All these items come with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Roger Federer Foundation, confirming that Federer wore these items during the 2016 Australian Open. The bidding is currently at $8,000 on the Goldin website. As a Federer fan or a collector of sports memorabilia, this is a chance not to be missed. Own this collection and feel the thrill of the championship days with each item.

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