Heritage Auctions is Auctioning David Letterman’s Iconic Late Show Set

Heritage Auctions is Auctioning David Letterman’s Iconic Late Show Set

A Peek into the Past: David Letterman's Iconic Late Show Set Pieces Up for Grabs!

"Dial up your neighbours and wake the kids!" The late-night landscape's legendary home base, Late Show with David Letterman's set pieces are set to make a grand appearance at an upcoming auction. This collection of iconic set elements encompasses David Letterman's interview desk, the dimensional New York City skyline buildings, the elevated train track low wall, and many more intriguing pieces.

  1. The Interview Desk: Starting with the most personal element, David Letterman's gray home base interview desk, an 'L' shaped wooden construct with burgundy trim, is part of the lot. This desk was a significant part of the Late Night with David Letterman (1982-1993), serving as the host's anchor during the show's final years.
  2. Stage Left Window Unit: Adding to the realness of the studio, this stage left window unit, constructed out of sturdy iron and painted in turquoise blue, lends authenticity to the set.
  3. Stage Right Window Unit: Mirroring the stage left unit, the stage right window unit played its part in Letterman's famous recurring gag - throwing pencils or index cards through the windows, accompanied by the sound of broken glass.
  4. Curved Window End Units: Offering a dazzling view of the New York City skyline, these large, curved window end units acted as a picturesque backdrop behind the host's desk.
  5. Miniature NYC Skyline: The set also includes 20 unique, hand-made "miniature" dimensional buildings of the iconic New York City skyline. From the Empire State Building to the Trump Tower, these intricately crafted buildings add an essence of realism to the set.
  6. Home Base Low Set Wall: Constructed of wood and acrylic, this hand-painted piece features an elevated train track along its upper edge, positioned behind the dimensional buildings outside of David Letterman's window.
  7. Collapsible Drinking Cup & Facial Blotter: Throwing in a touch of whimsy, the set also includes a yellow collapsible drinking cup and a facial blotter, both imprinted with "Late Night with David Letterman."
  8. Swivel Desk Chair & Guest Chairs: Though not original to the program, these chairs add authenticity to the display, capturing the essence of the late-night talk show.
  9. RCA-66 Pill Microphone: An RCA-66 pill microphone, circa 1950s, used in New York television production, though not original to Late Night with David Letterman, is included in this lot.

These iconic pieces of television history, bearing signs of wear, reflect the show's age and extensive production use, yet remain in very good condition. This lot presents a unique opportunity for fans and collectors to own a piece of late-night television history, previously unseen by the public. Each piece holds a story, a memory, a laugh – a slice of the magic that made Late Show with David Letterman an unforgettable part of the TV landscape

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