Welcome to MJB Memorabilia, Official Memorabilia and Collectibles From Sports, Entertainment and More!

Welcome to MJB Memorabilia. My name is Matt, the Director of MJB Memorabilia (owned by LaPlaza Investments Pty Ltd). Clients from every part of the globe commission me to make rare official memorabilia from entertainment, sports, and other fields. I get celebrities to sign memorabilia, then have it all custom framed for clients. The result is a beautiful piece of memorabilia that you will cherish forever; plus, it’s also an excellent investment!

What Type of Memorabilia?

I buy and sell memorabilia ranging from signs, dolls, arcade machines, vintage phones, sports souvenirs, and movie-related items (basically all types of memorabilia).

Where Do The Items Come From?

I source memorabilia and collectibles from all over Australia and the rest of the world. 

Where we are Located 

We have two offices, one in Melbourne, Australia and the other in New York, USA. I have relationships with numerous memorabilia companies across the world, and if I don’t have what you are looking for, I would be able to source it for you.

Authenticity Guaranteed!

We have our in-house authenticator, and I use a secondary company in the United States to verify all signatures before the item is sold. I stand behind every product that is sold, so authenticity is guaranteed with MJB.

Do you have a memorabilia item that you would like framed and designed by you? Contact me, and I will make it happen for you.


So How Does it Work?

I will make an announcement on our website notifying you of any upcoming celebrity interviews. Then any interested customer will send their item directly to our office, after which they will be shipped, signed by the celebrity, authenticated, and finally sent back to the office. Do you have an item that you want to be signed by a celebrity you adore? Hit us up, and I will make it happen for you. 

Real and Fake Memorabilia 

It is quite challenging to differentiate between real and fake memorabilia. It can be close to impossible. Our products are a hundred percent real as the NBA has licensed them. Photographs and other pictures need to indicate licensing. 

Valuable or Not Valuable?

The rarer the product, the more valuable it is. Most signature pieces have signatures at the back. The item will add value if it is in perfect condition as well. Be aware of accurate information on your receipts and item description. Misrepresentation of the goods may lead to confusion. You should note that some Memorabilia is priceless. For example, a sports Jersey, Billboards plaque, or items handed down through family generations. Most people hold onto such things dearly. Sellers should give you clear information about the authentic nature and condition of the items. Vintage or ruin collectibles are in great shape, but edges and corners are faded or discolored and equal to what you would pay for them.

What To Do Before You Buy or Sell

Before selling or reselling souvenirs, ensure that you examine the product for authenticity. Make sure the signatures at the front and the back of the items are similar. You might be dealing with an impostor if the two are not identical, so be careful. Now that we have the internet, it is easier to sell and buy your collection. Go to various auction sites and when you see what you like, take it. A little background check on the seller will go a long way. Also, read reviews from previous customers to get an insight into the seller.

Why Buy From Us

If you are looking for a trusted store, look no further. MJB Memorabilia is here for you. We are at the top of the list of most-trusted sites in the industry. 

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