Wrapped up my interview with TV game show King and Gold Logie winner Tony Barber

Tony Barber

One of the things I really love about my business is the people I get to talk to and learn about.

Recently I announced that I had an upcoming interview with TV game show king Tony Barber, I am pleased to announce that the interview is completed and is now being edited to be uploaded to my YouTube channel and MJB Interview page soon.

It was so much fun to speak with Tony Barber, never in a million years when I was a child did I ever think I would ever have the chance to speak to the king of Game shows and a Gold Logie winner, as a child growing up in the 1980s in Australia Tony Barber was on our TV Screens 5 nights a week hosting Sale of the Century and we would watch Sale whilst having dinner.

I spoke to Tony in depth about his growing up in the UK in the wartime, arriving in Australia at the age of 7, working in radio, how Cambridge cigarettes and Bruce Gyngell starting his showbiz career, hosting one of the highest rating game shows in Australian TV history, winning a gold Logie, hosting Wheel of Fortune after John Burgess had been sacked by Network 7 and some funny story’s about Tony around the house and why his family gave him the nickname Clark Griswold.

Tony Barber
Tony Barber
Sale of the Century

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