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I am releasing Exclusive Rare Henry Hill Memorabilia this week

Henry Hill Signed Memorabilia

Last year during the start of the pandemic I secured a big deal with Lisa Caserta who is the fiancé of the late Henry Hill to purchase hundreds of signed items from Henry. I have over 50 items of signed Henry Hill in my office including, worn items of clothing, signed ties, signed shirts, signed [Read More… ]

Framed and Sold Authentic Henry Hill Signed and worn shirt

Recently I blogged that I sold the signed and worn Henry Hill business shirt which you can read Here. I just wanted to share with you all the finished product, What I love about this frame is not only the signed shirt but the photo we included of Henry and Ray together, I am sure [Read More… ]

Authentic Signed and worn Henry Hill “Goodfellas” shirt sold

Authentic Signed and worn Henry Hill “Goodfellas” shirt sold I have over 60 items from the Henry Hill collection and have not had a chance to upload them all yet, I’ve only got one item up on the website for sale but I have had lots of clients contacting me about buying items that are [Read More… ]