One of my exciting new projects, I would like to Introduce you to Talking PRISONER

Talking Prisoner

During the pandemic last year, gave me time to think during the lockdown, one of my ideas was to interview cast members from the iconic TV show “Prisoner” Now before I go on about this I want to say that I grew up as a child watching Prisoner, My mum watched this show all the time and I would sneak out of bed and sit behind the couch to watch it until she caught me and then she just allowed me to watch it anyway, would it be a show I would let my child watch ? no, but it was the 80s.

Prisoner was a show created by Reg Watson and developed by Ian Bradley and first aired on the 27th of February 1979, ran for 8 seasons and a total of 692 episodes. Prisoner was a show that gave so many female actress’s their big break in acting and even crew members in production. The show is so popular that it had a remake called Wentworth which is Foxtel’s highest rating show and ran for a total of 8 seasons. Prisoner has fans right across the world to this day.

Prisoner had so many brilliant actors, actress’s, crew pass through the gates over the years and one thing I noticed was so many that had never spoken about there time on Prisoner, this brings me to Talking PRISONER which is a new platform on YouTube where Ken Mulholland and I interview cast and crew from Australia’s most iconic Tv show. When I first pitched the idea to Ken I was not sure what his reaction would be, maybe he would think I was crazy or happy to host this new show with me. Ken was the cameraman on Prisoner from Season 1 to Season 8, he has seen it all, and has so much knowledge about the show. Ken loved the idea and here we are hosting a Podcast/YouTube show about Prisoner, which I was so happy to hear as it has been fantastic to work with Ken on this project.  It has been amazing so far to learn about the cast and crew and I would love it if you can go and like the Talking PRISONER Facebook page and follow us on YouTube.

Talking Prisoner

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