My Interview and Exclusive signing with Sopranos Star Joseph Gannascoli Vito Spatafore

The Sopranos

During the pandemic last year, I was fortunate to interview Joseph Gannascoli who played Vito Spatafore on the hit HBO TV Show The Sopranos, the interview can be seen here on my YouTube Channel.

Joseph first came on to the Sopranos in Season 1 Episode 8 The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti but not as Vito, he played Gino who was a customer in the Bakery when Christopher shot the shop attendant in the foot which was such a classic scene coincidently Christopher who was played by Michael Imperioli was shot in the foot on Goodfellas.

Joseph and I discussed many things in the interview, his childhood growing up, his professional career as a chef, his Sopranos themed parties, His time on the Sopranos and what it was like shooting his last episode on the Sopranos. We also discussed his idea on Vito being a gay mafia captain.

Josephs last episode on the Sopranos was Season 6 episode 11 Cold Stones which was written by David Chase. Vito is killed and we then find out that they shoved a pull cue up his A** Brutal scene.

Joseph came up with a great idea for some exclusive Sopranos Memorabilia, as his final scene was his death with a pool cue Joseph signed some pool cues that we purchased which we had beautifully framed with some photos from his final scene. I have posted the photos of the frame below; these pool cues are exclusive to Joseph Gannascoli and MJB Memorabilia and can only be purchased through MJB.

This is what I really enjoy about the Memorabilia industry is working with people like Joseph in creating exclusive memorabilia for fans and collectors.

The Sopranos
The Sopranos
The Sopranos
Joseph Gannascoli Interview

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