Just arrived from the USA – Signed Ron Perlman Sons of Anarchy script

Signed Sons of Anarchy Script

It’s well known that Sons of Anarchy is one of my all time favourite tv shows of all time so I love when I am able to find Sons of Anarchy memorabilia finds its way to my store. Sons of Anarchy memorabilia is a big seller for MJB, we have sold many Sons pieces, signed Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy vests, Signed Katy Sagal Photographs, Signed Tommy Flanagan tow trucks, Signed Tommy Flanagan Sons Vests, Signed Ryan Hurst Sons Vests, Signed Ron Perlman photographs and I have future signings with more cast members in the works.

This is a signed Sons of Anarchy script “Pilot” episode signed by Ron Perlman who played Clay Morrow. Not many people know but Ron Perlman was not the original Clay, Scott Glenn who has starred in Silence of the lambs, Backdraft, Training Day was the original Clay Morrow, he shot the pilot episode of Sons of Anarchy but the network felt that he was not suited for the part of Clay so they recast the part to Ron Perlman and reshot the pilot, this is not to say that Scott is not a great actor as he is but I can’t imagine anyone else than Ron Perlman playing Clay.

This script will be framed over the coming days and up for sale on the MJB website, the script is authenticated by Beckett Authentication.

Signed Sons of Anarchy Script
Signed Sons of Anarchy Script
Scott Glenn Clay Morrow
Scott Glenn on the right
Ron Perlman Clay Morrow

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