I hosted our first virtual live Q and A this week over Zoom with Vincent Curatola

Vincent Curatola Zoom Event

Not too long ago I came up with an idea to connect fans to the celebrity’s that I do exclusive signings with, my idea was to host exclusive question and answer events over Zoom but limited to 50 fans. Each fan would get a few minutes to speak to the celebrity and ask questions about there life and career, what I really liked about this idea was that the fans could stay on the meeting for the whole time and listen to all the other question being asked.

I first pitched the idea to Vincent Curatola who played new York mob boss Johnny Sack on the hit HBO tv show The Sopranos, not only did he love it but he agreed to do the first one. Vincent appeared in 33 episodes and came on to our screens in Season 1, Episode 6 Pax Soprana, which was written by Frank Renzulli, Frank was the actual writer who developed the Johnny Sack character which I found out when I recently interviewed Vincent.

On Monday the 10th of May 2021 I hosted the first live Special MJB Event with Vince, to say I was nervous was an understatement but Vincent being the gentleman he is made sure that it all ran smoothly. I was marketing this event all over Facebook and had over 96 emails from fans who wanted to attend, now this is where I find it interesting, I emailed everyone back even though the event was limited to 50 people, on the day around 22 fans joined the event and for some technical reason there was around 12 fans who could not login to the event via Zoom which was unfortunate as they were looking forward to speak with Vincent. I learnt many things from this event, hosting 22 people was enough as that took up a good hour which was the length of the event, you need to have a technical person with you to look after the behind the scenes to help the people that could not login as hosting the event takes away your attention from the people that could not login.

The event itself was fantastic and the fans all asked amazing questions, we learnt everything from the storyline on the Sopranos that Vincent did not like, the ending of the Sopranos, how he broke The maserati he drove on the show, a very cool story about the Mercedes he drove on the show, what it was like working with James Gandolfini and much much more.

I am hoping to hold a live event every month and have already secured three cast members from the Sopranos for the event in June.

Vincent Curatola Zoom Event
Pictures from the Live event
Vincent Curatola Zoom Event
Vincent Curatola Zoom Event
Johnny Sack The Sopranos
Mr Johnny Sack New York Mob boss

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