I am releasing Exclusive Rare Henry Hill Memorabilia this week

Henry Hill Signed Memorabilia

Last year during the start of the pandemic I secured a big deal with Lisa Caserta who is the fiancé of the late Henry Hill to purchase hundreds of signed items from Henry. I have over 50 items of signed Henry Hill in my office including, worn items of clothing, signed ties, signed shirts, signed books, signed used casino playing cards, signed Goodfellas posters.

 I have sold many of his items over the last six months and over the coming days I am going to release some more exclusive Henry Hill memorabilia which I am really excited about as these are very rare items and wont ever be for sale again.

Henry Hill was born on the 11th of June 1943 and sadly passed away on June the 12th 2012, he was an American mobster who was associated with the Lucchese crime family of New York City from 1955 until 1980. In 1980 Henry was arrested and became an FBI informant and testified against his Mafia associates.

In 1985 Nicholas Pileggi wrote a book called Wiseguy which was about the rise and fall of the Lucchese Crime family and Henry, then in 1990 Martin Scorsese directed a film adaptation of the Book called Goodfellas. Scorsese was originally going to call the movie Wiseguy but to avoid confusion with a crime drama called Wiseguy he decided to call it Goodfellas. Henry loved the film and was paid $440.000 to consult.

Henry Hill Signed Memorabilia
Henry Hill Signed Memorabilia

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