MJB Memorabilia is affiliated with some of the biggest memorabilia companies across the world. Our offices are based in Australia, but we can get exclusive signature signs from any celebrity.

I personally work directly with most celebrities and agents which means real authentic memorabilia.

Why We Are Different

As MJB Memorabilia, we pride ourselves on the readily available stock we have in store. Unlike other sites with one, probably exaggerated picture of the item they advertise on their sites, we have the actual product and not a mock-up. So what you see is what you get.

So How Does it Work?

In my work line and my life in general, I have interacted with many people, a lot of which are celebrities. The personal relationship I have created with them makes it easy for me to operate. 

I will make an announcement on our website notifying you of any upcoming celebrity interviews. Then any interested customer will send their item directly to our office, after which they will be shipped, signed by the celebrity, authenticated, and finally sent back to the office.

Do you have an item that you want to be signed by a celebrity you adore? Hit us up, and I will make it happen for you.


I can’t wait to hear from you.

Live Virtual Autograph Signing with Ariel Kiley

Today we did a virtual live autograph signing over Instagram with Sopranos star Ariel Kiley who played “Tracee” Ariel signed all the photographs that I sent her, these are rare as Ariel has only ever signed five photographs in the past. Ariel also wrote some very funny inscriptions on the photos which was very cool. This is an exclusive signing to MJB Memorabilia, these photos will not be available anywhere else.

This turned into more than an autograph signing, we spoke about coffee, weather, Sopranos, Dancing, we spoke to some of Ariels followers all the way in the UK, Sydney, Macedonia, It was a lot of fun, please go and Follow Ariel on Instagram.