Dennis Rodman, Vincent Curatola, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, what do they all have in common?

Mike Tyson Lennox Lewis

What do they have in common you may ask ? they are all items that sold over the weekend and are currently being framed.

Dennis “The Worm” Rodman memorabilia is always popular and a big seller in particular the signed Chicago Bulls jersey. What I love about these jerseys is that they are made to the highest quality with all the lettering and numbers hand stitched on. All my current signed Dennis Rodman jerseys in stock are authenticated by Beckett Authentication.

The signed Vincent Curatola baseball bats are from my exclusive signing with Vincent Curatola, these are a personal favourite of mine and exclusive to MJB Memorabilia. I stock lots of exclusive Sopranos Memorabilia and have many more items that are not even listed on the website yet. Johnny Sack fans love the signed baseball bats and I presold 95% of them before they even arrived and only have a few left.

One of my regular clients who has purchased lots of memorabilia from me to build his man cave, gave me a custom job to put together a frame that has a signed Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis boxing gloves. This took me a few months as I wanted to get the right and left glove so once they are in the frame together they would look good. I was at my framers today and I can say this frame is going to look great. Both gloves have been authenticated by James Spence authentication in the United States. I love putting custom frames together, so please if you have a special project you would like to put together, please let me know.

Mike Tyson Lennox Lewis 1
Mike Tyson Lennox Lewis
Signed Dennis Rodman Jersey 1
Signed Dennis Rodman Jersey
Signed Sopranos Memorabilia 1
Signed Sopranos Memorabilia

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