Custom Backdrops for your custom memorabilia

Custom Backdrops for your custom memorabilia

I have been working on many custom memorabilia items in the last few months. Some of my clients like to be involved in the design aspect of how they would like the frame to look.

I have a design team who can work with you on how you would like your special frame to look. You might have a preference on the pictures that you would like on the backdrop or how you would like the backdrop laid out, whatever the need is I am able to make it happen, my designer is one of the best in the business and very creative with his designs.

Do you have an item you would like framed ? or are you searching for a special piece of memorabilia that you have not been able to find ? Please contact me at any time on the contact page of MJB Memorabilia and let’s work together on your next project.

Frames that are already for sale on the MJB Website are the actual frames for sale and already have the backdrop designed.

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