Signed Derrick Henry Jersey Authentic

Signed Derrick Henry Jersey

Signed Derrick Henry Jersey Last week I showed you a custom job I was working on for a client, now it is finished, and I thought I would share with you all the finished product. One of my clients had been searching for a signed Derrick Henry jersey everywhere but the only ones for sale [Read More… ]

Custom Backdrops for your custom memorabilia

Custom Backdrops for your custom memorabilia I have been working on many custom memorabilia items in the last few months. Some of my clients like to be involved in the design aspect of how they would like the frame to look. I have a design team who can work with you on how you would [Read More… ]

Sunday Monday happy days – Henry Winkler Signing complete

Henry Winkler Exclusive Signing

MJB Agent Bernie Miller JR organised a private signing with Happy Days Legend Henry Winkler who played Arthur Fonzarelli in the hit tv sitcom Happy Days. We had photographs of Henry in Happy Days signed by Henry exclusive to MJB Memorabilia. The photographs will be ready for sale next week and available on the MJB [Read More… ]

I am releasing Exclusive Rare Henry Hill Memorabilia this week

Henry Hill Signed Memorabilia

Last year during the start of the pandemic I secured a big deal with Lisa Caserta who is the fiancé of the late Henry Hill to purchase hundreds of signed items from Henry. I have over 50 items of signed Henry Hill in my office including, worn items of clothing, signed ties, signed shirts, signed [Read More… ]

Signed Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans Jersey

Derrick Henry signed jersey

Signed Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans Jersey I just wanted to share with you all a custom memorabilia job that I am currently working on. One of my clients was searching everywhere online for signed Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans jerseys and he came across many fake jerseys and jerseys that were not framed. Whilst I don’t [Read More… ]

This little guy sold today

Kevin Eastman Signed

If you are a child of the 80s like I am there is no doubt you would have loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I was a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I even had the original arcade machine in my store for a while until it sold to a die hard fan of [Read More… ]

Just arrived from the USA – Signed Ron Perlman Sons of Anarchy script

Signed Sons of Anarchy Script

It’s well known that Sons of Anarchy is one of my all time favourite tv shows of all time so I love when I am able to find Sons of Anarchy memorabilia finds its way to my store. Sons of Anarchy memorabilia is a big seller for MJB, we have sold many Sons pieces, signed [Read More… ]

A very special Kobe Bryant piece just sold

Signed Kobe Bryant Ball

As most of you probably know I am just a one man show, I have signings with celebrities happening all over the world and this is not really a job for me, it’s something fun that I get to wake up and do each day. Most of the memorabilia that I buy I do form [Read More… ]

Signing with Ralph Macchio – Karate Kid

Ralph Macchio Signing

We have been busy behind the scenes working on many private signings which has been challenging during Covid-19 but still pushing forward. My associate in the United States Bernie Miller JR and I were involved in an exclusive signing with Ralph Macchio. Ralph George Macchio was born on the 4th of November 1961 and he [Read More… ]